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About Us

About Us

Siva Logistics CIE assists companies and supports other businesses with the planning and execution of the movement and storage of their products and materials.


Our services include warehousing, receiving, transportation, distribution, shipping, handling, ticketing, unloading, sorting, packaging and more. We’ve been in the industry for 6 years, providing quality service and successful results. 

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We have many opportunities available at our factory for those who are interested in working with us and have minimal experience. We supply full-time work, as well and part-time seasonal or temporary work. 

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Our Core Values


We maximize everyone’s skillset in the workplace in order to turn goals into realities.


Working together is important in order to support and achieve all our goals successfully.


We respect our customers and employees, and encourage them by rewarding great performance.  


We value being honest and having strong moral behavioral principles in the work environment.

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